How This Blog Was Created

posted Jan 5, 2012, 2:57 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 5, 2012, 7:05 PM ]
This is a brief demo of what can be done with google sites if you're willing to think
outside the box a bit. This will be a his-and-hers blog.

log into gmail
under the 'more' menu in the upper left, choose 'sites'
click 'create site'

'blank template' is ok
name site 'johnandmarsha', note if this is a gmail account, it has to be globally unique, if it's
google apps for your domain, just unique in your domain.
choose a theme (or do this later)
and 'create site'

ok, now we've got our home page
click on 'edit page' then 'layout' in the upper left
change to '2-column simple'
change the heading
and save

here's our stragegy: create two sub-pages that are blogs and post their summaries to the home page.

create two new pages: his and hers
click 'create page'
template will be 'announcements' i.e. a blog
name it 'john'
put it under home

create a first post just so we can have something to see
and click save

same thing for marsha's

go back home, and edit the home page
put in photos from 'insert' and 'image'

now the big one: insert->gadgets, recent posts, john
and unclick the title and border
do the same for marsha
and click save

another tweek: the sidebar
on the right 'more actions', 'manage site'
site appearance, site layout
'change site layout'
unclick 'sidebar'

click on 'share this site'
add people, namely john and marsha, 'can edit'

then 'save changes'
and return to site

copy the url and send to friends

I'll have the url up and some sample data. Thanks for watching.